The Coast Starlight & The Pacific Parlour Car
Pacific Parlour Car

The Coast Starlight is the only Amtrak train with a separate lounge, the Pacific Parlour Car, for sleeping car passengers. This car has comfortable upholstered swivel seats by the windows, as well as some settees and table seating. Wines, beers, liquours, and soft drinks are available for purchase. There's a small movie theater on the lower level.

Pacific Parlour Car
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For sleeping car passengers, lunch and dinner are served here as a casual, limited menu alternative to the dining car. It is by reservation only, and if interested you may check the dining car and Parlour Car menus ahead of time before deciding whether to dine here or in the dining car.

Each afternoon sleeping car passengers may, for a nominal fee, participate in a wine tasting hour in the Pacific Parlour Car, featuring a selection of wines produced in Washington, Oregon and California - the three states through which this train travels. Juices and soft drinks are available for children and adults who prefer them.

Business Class passengers enjoy seating in a dedicated car, an invitation to the cheese & wine tasting hour in the Pacific Parlour Car (nominal fee), free AmtrakConnect Wi-Fi, two bottles of water, a $6 onboard food coupon, and access to the Metropolitan Lounge in Los Angeles and Portland.

The Coast Starlight also has a Sightseer lounge car, which is open to all passengers. Other amenities include full-service dining car, Superliner sleeping cars, and intepretive commentary on selected portions of the route.

Pacific Parlour Car

The Coast Starlight goes daily each way between Los Angeles and Seattle via Simi Valley, Oxnard, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Salinas, San Jose, Oakland (San Francisco), Sacramento, Redding, Dunsmuir, Klamath Falls, Chemult, Eugene, Salem, Portland, and Tacoma. Scenic highlights include approximately two hours on the Pacific Ocean coastline, as well as the Cascade Range and the Willamette National Forest.

Pacific Ocean
Seen from the Coast Starlight
The Coast Starlight

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