Planning Deposit

Please feel free to e-mail us with your request. We will be happy to reply with initial information. After that, we may request a nominal "plan-to-go" deposit before we invest time and effort on your planning request. This deposit, while nonrefundable, is not a fee - it will be applied to your trip. Check out our guidelines for requesting Information & Reservations.

Service Fee

Pacific Parlour Car
Carriers have reduced the compensation paid to travel agents, and it no longer covers our costs. Therefore a small fee is added to Amtrak, Via Rail Canada, and airline tickets which are not part of a tour package. The fee does not apply to tour packages, hotels, or car rentals.

So why use us instead of calling carriers directly? We'll go the extra distance to ensure you get routes, connections, and accommodations consistent with your wishes - all at the most advantageous available prices. We're train travel experts, and we have a variety of trade strategies up our sleeve! We'll put your trip together so that all the pieces fit as they should - making sure you don't risk missing connections. We'll suggest money-saving strategies. And we'll provide information to enhance your trip. In short, we'll save you time and money.